Remington Industries designs products that address everyday challenges with automotive solutions, no matter where the road takes you. 



Michelin EdgeLiner is more than a new generation of floor liners, it's the beginning of a new category of custom fit floor liners specifically engineered for trucks. Made of stronger and more flexible materials than any other floor liner, Michelin EdgeLiners are built for total coverage, complete protection, and easy cleaning. 



Between business trips, soccer games, dentist appointments, and that last minute beach vacation, there's a lot of living that happens in your car. Our mobile organization products are designed with your life in mind, helping you stay on track so you have time and space for what matters most to you. 


Floor Protection

Floor matting is more than a commodity at Remington--it's a solution to bad weather, spilled snacks, and muddy feet. With a variety of universal and semi-custom matting solutions under three brands, Remington Industries is here to protect your investment season after season. 

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With hundreds of tie downs, ratchet straps, and bungee cords on the market, who needs another solution? You do. 

We designed Stryder™ ratchet straps from scratch, rejecting the status quo in favor of smooth operation, material integrity and built-in storage.

So you can trust that your gear will arrive safely and securely, no matter how you get there. 

LS - Double Sided - Military Salute Option 2

Sun Protection

Through steamy days and burning heat, Overcast™ Sun Shields protect your vehicle from sun damage, and save you from scorching seats. With exciting designs and revolutionary, space-saving concepts, Overcast provides the protection you need to get where you’re going on even the hottest days. 

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